Whale Watching in BC

Whale Watching in BC

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Established in 1985, Five Star Whale Watching is Victoria’s longest running and most respected Whale Watching company. We are a family business offering unparalleled service and location. Five Star Whale Watching has been a key player in establishing Victoria as the best place to go Whale Watching in BC and as a world famous whale watching destination. Our high speed expedition catamaran is the perfect vessel for environmentally friendly and responsible whale watching without sacrificing comfort!

With  80 Resident Orcas (Salmon Eating Killer Whales) and numerous Transient Orcas (Marine Mammal eating Killer Whales), discover why Whale Watching in Victoria B.C is a must for any visitor. Our marine life also includes Humpback Whales, Migrating Gray Whales, Minke Whales, Porpoise, Seals, Sea Lions and numerous Marine Birds. We live in one of the best places in the world to enjoy whale watching – let our expert staff and crew educate and inspire you with the wonders of the Salish Sea!

We take our marine environment seriously, and strive to implement the “REDUCE, reuse, recycle” philosophy in all we do. The information network we administer translates into the highest success rates of finding whales in their natural environment while consuming less fuel on average. What does this mean? We are minimizing our ecological footprint relative to our competitors!


Join us for one of the most comprehensive educational and exciting trips you will ever experience!



Whale Watching in Victoria