April 19 – Baby Transient Orcas

 © Five Star Whale Watching/Katie Smith. Image — Three transient orcas, including a baby, in Haro Strait today.

Transient Orcas

We had such a great day on the water today! We headed east after leaving Victoria’s Inner harbour and came across a large group of Transient or Bigg’s orcas travelling together and socializing in Haro Strait. Best part: we got to see several little ones in the group.

Baby orcas are easily distinguishable not only by their relative size but also due to an orange hue on their ventral side as well as on their eye patch. We saw several surface-active behaviours by the group, including a tail-slap! It was amazing.

After leaving the orcas, we found a small haul-out site of Steller sea lions just southeast of Discovery Island and our guests were thrilled. We were also excited to see harlequin ducks, a juvenile bald eagle, and several glaucous-winged gulls.

To view more images from our trip, click on the following link.

April 19 – Baby Transient Orcas


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