April 3rd – Jpod!!!

Resident Orcas


Jpod today!

Today we encountered Jpod during our second trip of the season   We had heard a report earlier that Whales had been spotted & heard off the west side of San Juan. When we got over to the west side the Orcas were spread out foraging near False Bay. Not long after arriving on scene we identified J16 & her calf J50! The Orcas were doing a lot of foraging for Salmon and seemed to be catching fish, always a good sign! Most of the Orcas were between the shore and about 1/2 a mile off shore. However, J26 “Mike” was much further offshore foraging alone, something we see often with the older large males. It was great to see Resident Orcas again and they looked in good health!

Apart from the Orcas we also encountered a number of Stellar Sea Lions, Harbor Seals and several Bald Eagles! It was a fantastic day on the water 🙂

To see more images from this tour click on the link below;

Resident Orcas





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