Aug 10- Afternoon With Biggs’ And A Giant

© Five Star Whale Watching/Jasspreet Sahib. Image — Bigg’s Killer Whale southwest of San Juan Island

Bigg’s Orcas, Humpback Whale, Harbour Seals and Heermann’s Gulls

For our afternoon tour we began by heading east out of Victoria towards San Juan Island.

Southwest of San Juan Island we encountered multiple Bigg’s Killer Whales! These animals, also known as Transient Orcas, are the marine mammal eating ecotype of orcas, feeding on; Harbour Seals, sea lions, Harbour Porpoise and other whales.

After our time with these animals we headed out a bit farther east where we encountered a Humpback Whale! These large baleen whales filter feed upon krill as well as small schooling fish such as herring, sandlance and pilchard. After getting to see some big blows, this animal went into a deep dive and we were treated with a nice tail fluke.

We then headed to the Chain Islets and observed the Harbour Seals on one of their haul out areas, where they give birth to their pups, some of these newborn pups we were able to see. This area also had several Heermann’s Gulls that we also got to observe.

It was a great afternoon trip out on the Salish Sea.

Aug 10th Afternoon Photos


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