Aug 18- Afternoon To Swoon Over

© Five Star Whale Watching/Katie Smith. Image — A Southern Resident Killer Whale pec slapping and tail fluking.

Humpbacks, Orca, Seals and Sea Lions

Starting off our afternoon tour, we headed out of the Victoria Harbour and began to make our way southwest towards the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.

While on our way we passed through the Constance Bank area and soon encountered a Humpback Whale! This 12 yr old individual has come to be known as “Split Fin” due to a distinct scar on the dorsal fin. After observing blows and a couple tail flukes we continued on our way.

Near Race Rocks we encounter Orca from J-pod! These animals are Southern Resident Killer Whales, the fish eating ecotype of Orca and they were heading east in their constant pursuit of food, the Chinook Salmon. These animals were very active upon the surface, displaying pec slaps and tail flukes!

After our time with these members of J-pod we stopped in at Race Rocks and observed some of the marine live that live there right now; seals, sea lions and marine birds.

We then headed back to the Victoria Harbour and came across another Humpback Whale just to the south of the harbour. Getting to see all of these wonderful animals and their behaviours made for an amazing trip.

Aug 18th Afternoon


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