Aug 21- Afternoon Orca In The Mist

© Five Star Whale Watching/Andrew Lees. Image — A Bigg’s Orca tail lobbing near Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.

Bigg’s Orca, Seals and Sea Lions

For our afternoon tour we headed out of the Victoria Harbour south, going towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.

Just southwest of Race Rocks we encounter a large group of Bigg’s Orca! These animals, also known as Transient Orca, are the marine mammal eating ecotype and they had recently made a kill of a porpoise. After the feeding was over the animals in this large group, identified as the T46’s and T137’s, began to socialize. We made sure to maintain our distance away from these animals and just take this wonderful spectacle happening before us, which included a lot of splashing, tail lobbing and pectoral slaps!

After our time with these amazing animals began to head back to the Victoria Harbour, stopping in at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to see some of the other marine life of the area. Some of the animals we got to see here was Harbour Seals, Stellar Sea Lions and California Sea Lions. One of these animals ever had a fishing flasher in his mouth which we made sure to inform DFO about so they could monitor it.

Today was an amazing afternoon out on the Salish Sea, getting to see so much of the Bigg’s Orca social behaviours is always a real treat!

Aug 21st Afternoon Photos


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