Aug 21-Morning With Orcas Hunting and Humpbacks

© Five Star Whale Watching/ Jasspreet Sahib. Image — A large male Bigg’s Orca surfacing near Beechy Head.

Humpback Whales, Bigg’s Orca, Seals Sea Lions and a Sea Otter 

We bagan our morning trip by heading out to the southwest after leaving the Victoria Harbour, towards Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.

Upon reaching the Constance Bank area we encounter multiple Humpback Whales! This underwater sea mount helps to nutrient load the water column and congregate schooling fish, a prime food choice of the humpbacks. These baleen whales are the largest whale we find here in the Salish Sea and with each of their deep dives we got to see their large tail flukes.

After watching these animals we made out way continuing out westward where around Beechy Head we encountered a family of Bigg’s Orca, also known as Transient Orca!  These animals we teaching their young calf how to hunt, making lots of splashes on the surface as well as a few spyhops. These animals then continued on moving out west.

After our time with these animals we then began our way back to Victoria, stopping at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to take a look at some of the other marine life in the area. Here we got to see Harbour Seals, Stellar Sea Lions, California Sea Lions and a Sea Otter.

Seeing all of these great species made for an amazing morning out on the Salish Sea!

Aug 21st Morning Photos


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