Aug 8- Morning With A Bigg’s Group

© Five Star Whale Watching/Katie Smith. Image — A large male Bigg’s Orca near East Sooke Park.

Bigg’s Orcas, Seals, Sea Lions and a Sea Otter

We began our trip this morning by heading out of Victoria southwest towards the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve and then out westward towards Sooke.

Near East Sooke Park we encountered a very large group of Bigg’s Orcas! These orcas, also know as Transient Orcas, are exclusively marine mammal eaters, with the Harbour Seal’s new pups being a big draw for these animals. This group included the T046’s, which include a mother and 3 of her daughters ranging from 15 yrs old to over 35! The rest of this large group was made up of a mostly females and juveniles though there were several large males present as well, very noticeable by their 1.5 – 1.8m dorsal fins.

After spending our time with these Bigg’s Orcas we headed back toward Victoria, stopping in a Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, getting to see an assortment of the pinnipeds that live there such as Harbour Seals, Seal Lions and a Sea Otter.

It was an amazing trip out on the Salish Sea this morning and it’s always great to be able to show people how amazing these wild animals are!

Aug 8th Morning Photos



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