August 1- Gentle Giant Afternoon

© Five Star Whale Watching/Jasspreet Sahib. Image — A Humpback Whale surfaces with dorsal fin and back visible, seen southwest of Victoria this afternoon.

Multiple Humpback Whales 

We had a fantastic tour this afternoon witnessing some majestic gentle giants. We headed into Juan de Fuca Strait to begin our search for animals.

We were southwest of Victoria in the Strait when we began to spot our first whales! Throughout our trip, while we headed southwest of Victoria, we encountered multiple Humpback Whales. These are massive whales that feed on small krill and schooling fish. They have travelled all the way from their tropical wintering grounds, in order to feed on the Salish Sea’s productive and rich waters.

We heard and saw these whales’ blows as they surfaced. We were able to see the dorsal fins of these whales as they came up to breathe, slicing into the waters around them. They are a baleen whale, and were possibly feeding in the area as we noticed a large bait ball nearby. We saw many gulls flocking to the area to catch fish and saw their successful catches!

Before our trip was over, we spent more time out west at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. We saw numerous marine birds and various pinnipeds, namely male Steller Sea Lions and California Sea Lions. There was an incredible diversity of life we were able to see today!

We were extremely fortunate with our trip today, seeing some of the largest whales in the world in addition to some other fascinating Salish Sea animals.

To view more images from today’s trip, click on the link below:

August 1- Gentle Giant Afternoon


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