August 15 – Transients in Haro Strait

© Five Star Whale Watching/Katie Smith. Image — An adult male Transient orca in Haro Strait during this afternoon’s trip.

Transient Orcas

We had an amazing encounter with a very playful family of Transient orcas this afternoon. After leaving Victoria’s Inner Harbour, we went east and then headed north into Haro Strait, and found the orcas near Portland Island. Along the way, our guests got to enjoy breathtaking views of the Southern Gulf Islands!

Transient orcas are an ecotype of orcas that only eats marine mammals in the Salish Sea. They are genetically different than other ecotypes, such as the fish eating orcas or the Residents. Some of their favourite preys in our waters here include: Harbour seals, Harbour porpoises, and sea lions. The orcas we saw today were searching for some of the above mentioned preys that are found abundantly in the highly productive waters around Portland Island.

We observed the orcas diving and surfacing in unison as they searched for their prey. Did you know that despite being top predators in our waters, orcas share their meals with certain members of their pods?

To view more images from today’s trip, click on the following link.

August 15 – Afternoon Trip


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