July 18th PM – Orcas, Humpbacks & a Fin Whale!

Orcas, Humpbacks & a Fin Whale

Orcas, Humpbacks & a Fin Whale



Orcas, Humpbacks & Fin Whale

This afternoon we were lucky enough to encounter Orcas, Humpbacks & a Fin Whale!

We encountered multiple Humpbacks South East of Hein Bank. As we sat and watched we counted at least a dozen Humpbacks. While we were watching 4-5 of the Humpbacks who were feeding we suddenly spotted a large Fin Whale!!! Fin Whales are the second largest whale in the world & second largest animal in the world after the Blue Whale.  Adult males measure up to 78 feet (24 m) in the northern hemisphere, and 88 feet (26.8 m) in the southern hemisphere. Females are slightly larger than males. Weight for both sexes is between 50-70 tons (45,360-63,500 kg). Fin whales feed mainly on small shrimp-like creatures called krill or euphausiids and schooling fish. This Fin Whale looked like a large Adult whale and is one of the few recorded Fin Whales spotted in the Salish Sea! You can learn more about Fin Whales at the following link ; http://acsonline.org/fact-sheets/fin-whale/

Apart from the Fin Whale & Humpbacks, we also encountered Resident Orcas off San Juan. The Orcas were identified as members of Lpod. We had a wonderful encounter with L41 “Mega”. He was born in 197 , the oldest male Orca in the SRKW’s. We also encountered L85 “Mystery” who was born in 1991. L25 “Ocean Sun”, L77 “Matia” and L119 were also spotted.

What an incredible day with so much wildlife in the Salish Sea today 🙂

Click on the link below to see more images from today’s tour;

Orcas, Humpbacks & a Fin Whale



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