July 7- Active Humpback Evening

© Five Star Whale Watching/Andrew Lees. Image — A Humpback Whale cartwheels and swings its massive tail horizontally all the way out of the water this evening, seen east of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.

Active Humpback Whales  

We started our journey south of downtown Victoria today, into Juan de Fuca Strait. We reached an area just east of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve.

Our search rewarded us with some fantastic Humpback Whales throughout our trip! We saw several individuals “tail-fluking”; this is when a whale lift its entire tail out of the water before embarking on a deep dive. Humpback Whales have been recorded to dive over 200m, but typically remain above 50m. We were thrilled to have views of these massive flukes.

To the surprise and excitement of all on board, we saw one of the Humpbacks cartwheel out of the water! Its massive tail was thrown into the air as it swung its massive flukes from one side to another. We watched in awe as this massive animal made an incredible splash; these flukes may measure 15-18 feet across!

We then headed to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, and spotted some more animals. We saw a beautiful adult Bald Eagle perched gracefully, as well as some Harbour seals resting on the rocks.

We had such an exciting evening out on the Salish Sea, and were fortunate to encounter so many animals.

To view more imaged from today’s trip, click on the link below:

July 7- Eve with Active Humpbacks


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