June 2nd – Lone Orca

© Five Star Whale Watching. Image: A member of the J-pod.

An Encounter with a Lone Transient

Generally when we see Transient orcas (marine mammal eating orcas), we see them in pods of three to five members. The particular orca we encountered today is a lone wolf. He is called the T103. He is estimated to be born in 1968 and has traversed the Pacific Northwest waters for about 49 years.

We also went to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve during our trips today and saw a napping sea otter, a mating pair of bald eagles, two Northern elephant seals, and several Harbour seals. In the morning we also had a brief encounter with a Humpback Whale close to shore near Pedder Bay.

To view more images from today’s trip, click on the following link.

June 2nd 


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