June 30- Active Young Humpback

© Five Star Whale Watching/Andrew Lees. Image — A juvenile North Pacific Humpback Whale seen spyhopping this morning near Trial Island off the coast of Victoria, B.C.

Juvenile Humpback Whale 

This morning we had a thrilling encounter out on the Salish Sea. We headed out of the Victoria harbour and did not have to explore for very long before we spotted a whale!

The animal was a young North Pacific Humpback Whale. We got the chance to witness this animal playing in some bull kelp! The whale was very active and we were able to watch the animal lift its massive white pectoral fins into the air. These pectoral fins have tubercles (bumpy edges) that enhance lift and reduce drag in the water for swimming. Humpback flippers can measure 1/3 the length of the whale.

We also saw the young whale dive and tail- fluke, lifting its large tail clear above the water. The young animal even took a look at its surroundings as it spy-hopped, lifting its head and eyes above the water. You can clearly see the many barnacles living on the whale’s lower jaw (see above image).

We headed back home, thrilled after such a unique and interesting encounter with such an active, young whale.

June 30- Playful Young Humpback


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