June 9th – Morning T-party in Haro Strait

© Five Star Whale Watching. Image — Transient Killer whales in Haro Strait

On today’s trip we saw a rare visitor in Haro Strait: the T170 male(pictured above on the right). His unique dorsal fin nicks helped us identify him. We found him along with several other Transient or Bigg’s Killer whales. T170 is estimated to be ~47 years old and has only been spotted in our waters a handful of times. So it was indeed quite a pleasant surprise.

We also saw another peculiar individual today, the T49C. He has two nicks in his tall dorsal fin and was born in 1998.

Later, we saw several Harbour seals — a favourite prey of Transient Killer whales, along with a juvenile Bald Eagle. Did you know that Bald Eagles don’t get their iconic snowy white feathers on the head until they reach sexual maturity at the age of four or five?

To see more photos of our encounters from this day, please click on the following link.

T-party in Haro Strait


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