June 9th – Playful Humpback!

© Five Star Whale Watching. Image — Ventral side of a Humpback whale tail fluke.

Playful Humpback

This afternoon we got to see a very playful Humpback whale. The whale was very acrobatic and slapped its tail multiple times during this encounter.

Did you know the ventral(underside) side of a Humpback’s tail fluke is what researchers use for photo-identification purposes? The black and white pattern(pictured above) is the equivalent of a thumbprint for a whale, and is unique to each whale.

We are seeing more and more Humpbacks in the highly productive Salish Sea each year, which makes us hopeful for this sub-population.

To see more photos of this playful humpback, please click on the following link.

Playful Humpback


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