March 30th — Transients By San Juan Island

© Five Star Whale Watching/Andrew Lees. Image — Some of the Transient orcas near Friday Harbour today.

Transient Orcas

We had a fantastic trip today. We headed out east while taking advantage of a flood tide to see some marine mammals eating orcas on the hunt. We went towards San Juan Islands, circumnavigated the islands and found T2Cs(Transient orcas) near Friday Harbour!

Along the way, we stopped at Spieden Island to see one of the prey species of the Transients — Stellar sea lions. We also passed by Chain Islets, which is a marine birds sanctuary and a haul-out site for Harbour seals after spending some time around Friday Harbour. Harbour seals are one of the favourite preys of Transient orcas. They don’t have as much mobility as the sea lions, and are rather easy to hunt.

To view more photos from our encounters today, click on the following links.
San Juan Islands-Transient Orcas

Transients Orcas by San Juan Islands



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