May 14 – Bigg’s Orcas in the Haro Strait

© Five Star Whale Watching/Katie Smith. Image — Two members of the Bigg’s orca family that we saw during our trip today.

Bigg’s Orca

We headed north for our afternoon trip today and came across a family of Bigg’s orcas.

Bigg’s orcas are also known has the marine-mammal eaters. They feed solely on harbour porpoise, harbour seals. sea lions, and even other whales. They are apex predators and stealthy hunters. They use echo-location to detect prey but when they are in close proximity of their prey, they become very quiet.

We saw the animals socialize together in Haro Strait. There were at least two mature males in the group and our guests were able to see a stark contrast between the dorsal fins of the adult males, and adolescent males and females.

On our way back, we spotted a large Steller sea lion in the water. We also saw harbour seals on the rocks. They often spend their time hauled out on land to conserve energy when not traveling or feeding. We are just getting into pupping season and the Bigg’s orcas will be on the hunt for harbour seal pups soon.

To view more images from our trip today, click on the following link.

May 14 – Bigg’s Orcas



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