Oct 12th – Orcas & Humpbacks!

Orcas & Humpbacks

Orcas & Humpbacks

Orcas & Humpbacks!

Today we encountered Orcas & Humpbacks!

We encountered several Resident Orcas off the west side of San Juan Island. The Orcas were spread from south of Lime Kiln up to Kellet Bluffs. We identified a number of animals including members of K & Lpod. During our trip we had a special encounter with L54 & L117 who along with L88, were hunting for Salmon. We watched as L88 twisted and turned whilst chasing a Salmon. Then L54 & L117 joined in the chase before sharing the spoils of the hunt 🙂

Near Seabird Point we encountered two large Humpbacks Whales heading east. We identified one of the Humpbacks as BCY0523 (known as Graze) and believed to have been born in 2005. Graze is the calf of BCY0057 (Niagara), who has also been seen in the Salish Sea this season. We use the underneath of the Humpbacks tail flukes to identify them, each tail fluke is as individual as our thumbprint.

We also stopped off at the Chain Islets on our way home to show our guests a large number of Harbor Seals.

To see more images from today please click on the link below;

Oct 12th tour



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