Oct 15th – Orcas, Humpbacks & Dall’s Porpoise!





What an incredible day with Orcas, Humpbacks & Dall’s Porpoise! At one stage today we had all three species of Cetacean withing 200 yards of each other 🙂 The Dall’s were playing with J27 “Blackberry” for a while. They rode our bow, always a thrill for our guests, especially in the splash zone and even played with the two Humpbacks we encountered! The two Humpbacks included a favourite “Split Fin” who’s mother is “Big Mamma” and has been seen in our local water since at least 2007.

Dall’s Porpoise are one of the fastest Cetaceans in the world and these robust Black & White Porpoise are capable of reaching speeds of over 50kmh! They love playing in Supercats bow wave due to the Catamaran Design and with our open bow, there is no better vessel for encountering bow riding Dall’s Porpoise 🙂

The fall colours and other marine mammals such as Harbor Seals made for a truly breathtaking day!

You can see more images from this incredible day at the following link;

Oct 15th – Orcas, Humpbacks & Dall’s Porpoise


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