Oct 16th – Multiple Humpbacks near Race Rocks!

Humpback Whales near Victoria

Multiple Humpbacks

Victoria Whale Watching

Multiple Humpbacks

Today we had multiple Humpbacks near Race Rocks. We counted at least 10 and possible many more 🙂 Not only did we encounter a lot of Humpbacks but they were being very active and we got to see Pectoral waves, lots of tail flukes and some incredible lunge feeding! One of the Humpbacks BCZ0131, has a very strange tail fluke and has been given the nickname “Gnarly”. This Humpback Whale has not always had this deformity as the identification picture in the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, shows a perfectly normal tail fluke. Therefore this deformity is relatively new and the cause is not yet known.

Apart from all the stunning Humpback Whale encountered, we also got to spend soem quality time at Race Rocks with Seals & Sea Lions. It was a glorious day on the water with the Captain & Crew actually in just a T-shirt throughout the entire trip, it was that warm 🙂

To see more images from this gorgeous trip please click on the following link;

Oct 16th – Multiple Humpbacks near Race Rocks



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