Oct 25th 2017 – Orcas & Humpbacks!

Orcas & Humpbacks!

Oct 25th – Orcas & Humpback Whales

Today we encountered Orcas (T11’s) hunting in Pedder Bay and multiple Humpbacks! Our first encounter was with 2 Humpbacks near William Head circling the entrance to Pedder Bay. As we were watching these Humpbacks 2 Orcas appeared near William Head and followed the shoreline into to Pedder Bay in search of Harbor Seals. This particular pair of Transient Orcas are known as the T11’s and comprise of a Mom & Son. We watched them as they patrolled the shore line in Pedder Bay. Then the Orcas went on a deep dive and then boom, the hunt was on!!! It was incredible to watch these two apex predators as they worked together to corral the poor Harbor Seal… but such is life in the wild.

We also encountered more Humpbacks near Race Rocks as well as countless Sea Lions & Seals. What an amazing day on the water 🙂

To see more images from this amazing tour click on the link below;

Oct 25th – Transient Orcas & Humpback Whales


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