Oct 31st 2017 – Humpback Bonanza for our season finale!


Humpback Bonanza

We had a Humpback Bonanza for our 2017 season finale! During our final trip of the season we encountered at least a dozen Humpback Whales . The best part of this encounter was that the Whales were all in close proximity to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. This meant we could spend a lot of time watching the enormous Humpbacks Whales. Then visit Race Rocks and see the amazing amount of Seals, Sea Lions, and our favourite Sea Otter 🙂 With gorgeous weather and calm seas, tons of marine life, we could not have asked for a better finale to our incredible 2017 season!

To see more images from this incredible season finale click on the link below;

Humpbacks galore


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