Sept 5- Morning T’s And A Humpback

© Five Star Whale Watching/Katie Smith. Image — A Bigg’s Orca male travelling near the Oak Bay shoreline.

Bigg’s Orca and a Humpback Whale

We left the Victoria Harbour heading eastward to begin search for the morning trip.

Near the coast of Oak Bay just east of Victoria we encountered a pair of Bigg’s Orca! These whales also known as Transient Orca, are the ecotype that exclusively feed upon marine mammals such as seals, sea lions and other whales. This pair was identified as the T10’s, a mother and son duo, with the two being easy to distinguish by the different in dorsal fin size and shape, the male larger and having a straight edge and the female a smaller and curved dorsal fin.

After our time with these whales we continued our search heading south of Victoria, near Constance Bank we came across a large Humpback Whale! These baleen whales are the largest whales that we typically get in the Salish Sea area, and yet they feed on some of the smallest animals on the food chain, krill and small schooling fish. When this animal would head down into a deep dive we got to see its large tail fluke which was a nice treat.

It was a great day out on the Salish Sea and it is always amazing to be able to see both of these iconic whales!

Sept 5 Morning Photos


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