September 6 – Morning with Transients

© Five Star Whale Watching/Katie Smith. Image — One of the Transient Orcas from the T65A family during our trip today.

Transient Orcas

This morning we headed out east after leaving Victoria’s Inner Harbour in search of wildlife, and found multiple Transient or Bigg’s orcas near Oak Bay Marina.

Transient orcas are one of the three eco-types found around British Columbian waters; the other two being Resident orcas and offshore orcas. Transient orcas eat marine mammals and some of their main prey species include: Harbour seals, Harbour porpoises, sea lions and other whales.

The whales were likely scouring the waters for their favourite prey species — Harbour seals. The nearby rookery at Chain Islets, which we got to see, provides them with ample of opportunities to catch one of the seals. Juvenile seal pups are still present at Chain Islets and hunting of the pups generally proves to be a lot easier for these top predators.

To view more images from our trip this morning, click on the following link.

September 6 – Morning Trip

  1. Alan Brindle 12 months ago

    I am looking for photos from our trip on the afternoon of 6th September, but can’t find any.
    Could you advise, please.
    Many thanks
    Alan Brindle

    • Author
      5star 10 months ago

      Dear Alan,

      Sorry in the delays in replying to your email. Click on the following link to see pictures by naturalist Katies from your trip on Sept 6th;
      September 6th afternoon encounter

      Sorry for any inconvenience.

      Five Star Whale Watching

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