Our Whale Watching Vessel Five Star Expedition Catamaran

Established in 1985, Five Star was instrumental in establishing Victoria, British Columbia, as a world famous whale watching destination. We are a family business offering unparalleled service and location.

With over 30 years experience, we know what works! Our hands-on owners greet our passengers and ensure a high quality experience.  Our owners co-founded the Pacific Whale Watching Association which works with scientists and government agencies to train marine naturalists, educate the public, and develop viewing guidelines to ensure conservation and stewardship of the incredible creatures in the marine environment.

The Five Star Expedition Catamaran (double hulled) brought a new level of excellence to whale watching in Victoria.

Five Star’s expedition catamaran has been designed for whale watching by whale watchers. For our passengers “Supercat” provides a fast, smooth and stable ride to maximize our range and optimize our sightings success rate. The vessel provides plenty of deck space to ensure great photo and viewing opportunities.

Supercat was custom designed and constructed by Armstrong (long time local boat builders) merging state of the art Aluminum Alloy Technology and highly efficient Arneson surface drive propulsion.  The Five Star high speed, deluxe catamaran was built specifically with whale watching in mind and offers our guests levels of safety, comfort, speed and stability unmatched by single-hulled vessels.

For our environment, twin Cummins 350 hp low emission eco-diesel engines combine with Arneson surface drive propulsion systems to be fuel-efficient and minimize underwater noise by eliminating cavitation making us Environmentally-friendly and Whale-friendly.

This striking silver catamaran accommodates 46 passengers and features an indoor heated cabin, on-board washroom facilities, outdoor elevated seating, and several decks with 360 degree all round viewing creating a level of comfort and convenience to satisfy adventurers of all ages. Our crews of experienced, trained naturalists are on board to guide and assist you throughout the journey.

Five Star Whale Watching is proud to help you discover the picturesque West Coast of Canada and Vancouver Island. Our area of operations around Southern Vancouver Island, Victoria, and the Gulf Islands, is the home of the Southern Resident Community of Orcas. Our “Five Star” crew members are waiting to introduce you to these magnificent mammals and share with you the myriad of other natural wonders abundant in our local marine environment.

Five Star’s Safety Procedures

At the start of each tour when our guests first board the boat, our Marine Naturalists (Crew)  go through a very thorough safety talk to our guests and point out all safety equipment on our vessel, including life jackets, life rafts and lifebelts. Throughout the tour our passengers’ safety & comfort are paramount and both the Captain & Crew are constantly watching the weather, sea state and closely monitoring  our passengers to ensure safety at all times. Canada has some of the strictest guidelines and regulations in the world when it comes to passenger vessels (including Whale Watching vessels). All our crew are Marine Safety Certified under the Transport Canada regulations, all have Marine First Aid certificates and go through constant training exercises throughout the season. Safety of our passengers is always at our forefront!

The Five Star Supercat Advantage!


Whale Friendly Propulsion – Our vessel was the first Expedition Catamaran to be fitted with Arneson Drives, which produce the lowest underwater noise of any drive system. The result is little to no disturbance to the Whales when we are at slow speeds (7 knots or less when in the vicinity of Whales).

Custom-designed and constructed, the Five Star Supercat high speed, deluxe catamaran was built specifically with whale watching in mind and offers our guests levels of safety, comfort, speed and stability unmatched by single hulled vessels.

SUPERCAT accommodates 46 passengers — which is the optimum capacity for a whale watching vessel operating in the Salish Sea — and features on-board washroom facilities, covered, out of the weather seating and elevated viewing platforms creating a level of comfort and convenience to satisfy adventurers of all ages.

Perfect viewing platform. Our expedition catamaran has been rated by amateurs and professionals alike as the best of its type for viewing, photographing, and filming the natural images of our beautiful coastline.

Environmentally & Whale-friendly design.  Low emission eco-diesel engines combine with Arneson surface drive propulsion systems.

Experienced Crew ensure high standards of passenger safety and enjoyment.

Supercat provides pure wind-in-your face excitement in the finest west coast tradition.

Her sleek lines and comfortable seating provide all  the “open boat” thrills and excitement that anyone would want!

Fully enclosed indoor heated cabin area with spacious seating & large windows, provides the comfort and safety that our guests expect while crossing the water at 30 knots (over 50 kph).

Large front deck is accessible from the main cabin. It is perfect for the wind-in-the-hair feeling and for watching bow-riding Porpoises!

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